A HANDFUL OF TIME by Kit Pearson

Patricia is miserable.  Her parents are separating, and she is sent to spend the summer with her aunt and cousins on a lake in Alberta, Canada.  Her loneliness is made worse by her cousins’ bullying and her increasing conviction that she will never understand her own mother.

When Patricia discovers a special pocket watch beneath the floorboards, she is whisked back in time and observes her mother as a young girl.  Bit by bit, she begins to understand her mother, and, in turn, herself.

Kit Pearson is a Canadian treasure, less well-known in the USA.


About Allie Jane Bruce

Children's Librarian, Bank Street College. Librarian, We Need Diverse Books. Co-creator of Reading While White (readingwhilewhite.blogspot.com). Newbery Committee 2016. Addicted to children's literature and chocolate.
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One Response to A HANDFUL OF TIME by Kit Pearson

  1. stephanie says:

    one of my all-time favourites.

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