DAIRY QUEEN by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

D.J. Schwenk has a lot on her plate.  Her father has been injured, her little brother is becoming a selective mute, her mother is disengaging with the family, and her college-athlete older brothers haven’t called home in 6 months.

But if there’s one thing D.J. can do, it’s work hard.  She takes on the running of her family’s small dairy farm, as well as the project of training the star quarterback of the rival high school’s football team, Brian.

Soon enough, she’s dealing with a major crush on top of everything else.  But never one to give up, D.J. comes up with a creative solution to her woes: she’ll try out for the football team at her own school.

I couldn’t resist posting both the hard and paperback covers for this.  I wonder which one sold better? 😉


About Allie Jane Bruce

Children's Librarian, Bank Street College. Librarian, We Need Diverse Books. Co-creator of Reading While White (readingwhilewhite.blogspot.com). Newbery Committee 2016. Addicted to children's literature and chocolate.
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